You Are The Best Thing

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“You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne is blaring in the background as we bring you this post!

As well it should be…it was the First Dance Song for our REAL WEDDING STYLE couple, Melissa and Ron! They combined many personal details of spiritual and ethereal beauty to create a sacred union that reflects exactly who they are. We are so excited they are sharing this unbelievably special day with us! We think you are going to be blown away by some of these dazzling, extremely unique moments.

Meet Melissa and Dr. Ron Brizzie…

Ron: “When I met Melissa, the universe winked at me…”

Melissa: “We looked at each other and spontaneously he put his hand on my heart, and I put my hand on his…looked at each other in the eyes and smiled at each other. It was one of those, ‘when you know you know’ moments that we will never forget.”

Melissa: “I absolutely LOVED my SASHA gown! It fit me perfectly and showed off my figure in a very classy way. The intricate beading was so gorgeous, I have never seen anything like it! There were so many different types of crystals which created the most visionary dress I have ever seen. The couture style of the bodice with it’s sleek lines felt very modern to me, and the overall feel of the dress was timeless and elegant. The train was the perfect length which made it easy to dance in with it bussled. I wanted a dress that was a showstopper and I got it with Sasha!”

We think she was absolute “show stopper” in SASHA and boy did they DANCE…just wait until you see the pictures! But first some more details…

The Bridesmaids wore a splash of color with beautiful teal sashes and feather clips in their hair. The bouquets were equally as colorful with Peacock feather accents! (Between you and me…the bride loves feathers!!)

Melissa: “My bridesmaid wore dresses from Alfred Angelo. I chose the champagne color because I wanted a neutral, summer color that wouldn’t be too hot in the sun.” In fact, their wedding guests even got into it and all wore summer hues with splashes of color! “I love feathers! I wanted to have feathers in my bouquet, centerpieces, the bridesmaid’s and flower girl’s hair and my reception headpiece.” I told you she loves feathers…be patient, there’s more dramatic feathers to come!

A close up on the flowers please…

Melissa: “Our florist, Mona Davis, understood my vision for the flowers to look vintage, ethereal and elegant. We had many different types of roses, orchids, teal hydrangeas, monkey tails, dusty miller and red fountain grass plumes.”

Each Bridesmaid had a delicate teal umbrella and the bride carried a vintage inspired white one. We just love this touch.

Even the adorable flower girls wore special teal sashes with their dresses!

Check out these crisp, handsome suits…

Not to be out-done, the Groomsmen had a hilarious splash of color all their own!

What a stunning photo of the Wedding Party!!! This is going to be one of our all time favorites!

Always arrive in style…we say…and so does Melissa!

Unique touches and incredible moments…

Melissa: “We are both drawn to the Native American ritual of ‘calling in the directions’ of North, South, East and West. We had four women each carry a symbol of each element Air, Fire, Water and Earth that represents each direction. This photo of the owl wing and burning sage was the element Air from the direction North.  It felt very special to us to honor Mother Nature in our ceremony.”

Melissa: “My bridesmaid, Amy, let me borrow the necklace that she wore in her wedding. Her husband is a well-known jewelry designer and together with her partner, they crafted this very intricate design with opals. It matched my Sasha gown perfectly!!!!” Something borrowed and something blue is always a must!!

This is a sacred moment…but we know what you are really thinking…LOOK at her beautiful HAIR and vintage inspired clip!!

Melissa: “My husband is a medical doctor and I am an acupuncturist. We merge the western and eastern worlds in our healing practices by bringing together the ancient and modern ways. In the Native American tradition, the Butterfly Clan were the healers. We had many glitter butterflies throughout our decorations.” We hope you have been noticing them in all the photos!

Melissa: “At our food tasting, my husband saw the ‘satellite’ style cake display and loved it!  We both had never seen that before and thought the cake was gorgeous with the white chocolate shavings made into roses.”

Here it comes…TIME TO DANCE!!!! Just look at that attitude…go get ‘em Melissa!!!

Melissa: “We started taking dance classes (months before the wedding) every other week, which started our tradition of date night. We had two ‘left feet’ for most of our dance lessons, but we really started to get the hang of it by the end!  Dancing in my SASHA gown for the first time at the wedding was the most exhilarating feeling and you can see it all over my face! That was my favorite part of the whole day. I was able to do all of our choreographed moves without feeling constricted by the dress even though it is trumpet style. As you can see, I was able to kick my leg up pretty high!”

Melissa and Ron are just an amazing couple with such big personalities and so much to give! We adore Melissa’s spirit and look what she did next!!!

Melissa: “I surprised my husband at the reception by changing into these wings made by my friend at www.dancingwings.com. I put on an impromptu dance to show my joy!  He was so surprised and said it was his favorite part of the wedding!  I had meant for it to be a private moment while the guests were served their main course, but everyone came out to the lawn to watch!  I got a little shy because I am not a professional dancer, but it was so much fun!”

Melissa, we LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Melissa: “My friend Naomi Hensall worked with my ideas to create this one-of-a-kind headpiece. I wanted it to look soft around my face, so she added the white feathers (I loved the Princess Lea look!). She found the jewelry on my forehead at a vintage store. It used to be a necklace, which worked perfectly to add an elegant and regal look. And the peacock feathers matched our peacock wedding motif!” At this point, we can’t get enough!!! This is incredibly unique and absolutely fitting for this couple!!

Melissa: “We selected this painting by Autumn Skye Morrison called ‘Beloved’ as the best representation of the way we feel about each other. A couple with eyes wide open looking at each other in love with a ball of light in between their hands symbolizing the birth of their new life together. We gave each of the guests a magnet with this image on it.”

We don’t know how to express how much fun it has been to share in the joy of this wedding! Melissa has such warmth in her energy and enthusiasm! These two have a very special bond and it was translated so well throughout their wedding! We hope these photos will inspire you!! Thank you so very, very much for sharing this with us and for choosing a Matthew Christopher Gown for your exceptional day!!!!!

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