Everyone knows that a Bride’s hair is one of the most important aspects of her wedding day! If you are getting ready for your summer dream wedding, here are 4 perfect hairstyles for your big day:

1.The Chignon- the chignon is the perfect do for a summer outdoor wedding!  It is not only able to withstand weather conditions so that you are not freaking out about your hair all day, but it is also very simple, classy and chic allowing guests to focus on that beautiful face of yours!  

2. Plaits- We love the braids look for summer 2013! It is so angelic, and carefree. Add some floral accents to it and you will surely take the breath away from your guests and your groom!


3) Side swept curls- Side swept curls are always a go for the perfect summer wedding. Go for the side swept curls if you are looking for a very bold, but elegant look. Also, you will remain nice and cool, versus having all of the curls to the back in which you may end up very HOT!

4) The Up do- The updo is very similar to the chignon, the only difference is that the updo is up versus the chignon being down on the neck. As a summer bride, you can never go wrong with the updo. It’s very sleek and easy to maintain. Add a nice necklace to accentuate the neck and you will look AMAZING.







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