Weddings are one of the happiest moments in a girl's life, but the planning for it can be one of the most tedious , fustrating tasks EVER! For all of you tech-savy bride-to-be out there, here are three (3)  phone/tablet apps to help you save some money and your sanity! Now go and conquer #ibride


1. The SeatingPlanner + by GoBee Labs- This app is truly one of the most beneficial for the wedding planning process! The SeatingPlanner + app allows the bride and groom to import their Facebook and/or Iphone contacts to the app and then drag and drop them to tables.  The tables are pretty simple to move around and it makes it easy to solve seating issues. In addition, the app keeps track of those who accept/decline the invitation, require special meals ( allergies, dislikes, etc.) and who are bringing infants. How convenient?!


2. Wedding Budget- Free-  This wedding budget app is a great tool to use in the initial planning of your wedding. Anyone who has ever organized a wedding can attest to the fact that oftentimes the hardest part of the ordeal is staying within the budget. This app is essential to couples out there seeing as though it allows couples to keep track of their expenses and even gives a clear percentage as to how close you are to your budget.  If the budget increases/ decreases, it's even easy to change that within the app. Yes men, you can assure that your bride-to-be does not go overboard on the wedding decorations or the cannoli!


3. Wedding Party- Free- This app is perfect for you to share your special day with your guests! Simply instruct all of your guests with smartphones to download the app. Once they have downloaded the app, your guests can then upload and share photos they snap of you on your big day and  even leave you personalized messages via the app! This is perfect for you to view your wedding from the eyes of your guests, or to even keep up with certain parts of the big day that you may have missed! It's totally free to set up and even has a built-in system to tell your guests that you will be using the app!


This is what a happy bride looks like when she uses apps, to plan her wedding.



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