Power of a Dress

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I have always known the power of a dress.  From the time that I was very young dresses have always been IT for me.  I am guessing about how old I was, but I am pretty sure I was around 8 years old when I was flipping through the family JC Penny Catalog that I saw my first wedding dress.  It was very 80’s with its big puffy sleeves and beaded Alencon lace cutouts all over the dress and they all had these pointed veil head pieces like from Luke & Laura’s wedding from General Hospital.

However, I think what really synched it for me that I was going to make Bridal my life was when I saw Vera Wang.  It was Vera’s stretch illusion tops, like Nancy Kerrigan’s skating outfit, that were just amazing!  I guess on some level I have always known that the Wedding Dress and I were going to dance together for a very long time.

So here I am sitting working on the final details of my 13th Collection, what I am calling the “Devotion Collection”, and I am still blown away by how the silhouettes change and where I get my inspirations from.  There are some sick new necklines and laces I am working on, I can not wait to share them with you.

Yes, its true, I really do love the power of a dress and how it can make a woman feel on her special day.

26 Days and counting till I debut my new collection!!!!!!


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