Among the trends for bridal gowns this season, gold is amid the more popular choices for brides.  Before your imagination runs rampant with images of metallic frocks screaming with garish splendor, or the idea that gold is just too gaudy, take a moment to remember the golden rule—less is more.

 Matthew Christopher has hit on this trend at the height of its excitement with his 2014 “Devotion” Collection. You will absolutely delight in the regal style of his lavish but subtle, sophisticated gold lace and luxurious golden silks.

 A major advantage to this trend is that rich gold tones typically compliment all skin types, from deep cocoas to softer olive shades. If you are the more demure bride with a sense of understated elegance, play with this trend in subtle doses. Beading is a simple way to add detail without going over the top.

 For wedding gowns executed in sleek metallic textiles, it helps greatly to play with texture. Where beading and lace have been left behind, pleats and drapery will play a much larger role. This idea merely keeps the more subtle gowns interesting and enhances the look of the dress without allowing it to lose its splendor.

 Most brides tend to follow tradition with a white or off white gown, but do not be afraid to be daring and curb custom. Dresses draped in this metallic tone are suited for brides with a more fearless sense of style.  Matthew Christopher’s gold laces and silks dare to bring vintage grandeur for the more audacious and eccentric bride.

There is a suspicion that this trend will work best for those unconventional and stylishly eccentric mavens who are not afraid to show a little more personality in their wedding gown of choice. Whatever your choice will be, remember your title as a bride and all of the options you have when selecting a dress. It’s your day, so don’t be afraid to shine!


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