From proposals, to invitations, all the way up to celebrating their nuptials, couples are personalizing engagements by including their pets in the activities. While most brides typically stick to tradition, there remain a select group that go against the grain in creating a memorable and unique ceremony. Though not typically what most people would think of when planning a wedding, pet lovers across the world are allowing the furry members of their family to play a larger role in the big day.

The culture of pet lovers has changed the way we do things by, adding an unexpected touch to their union. Birds, cats, rabbits and even snakes have taken a larger role in weddings. Surprisingly, including your pet in the ceremony is simpler than you would think. Even if you may not necessarily be the couple that purchases a tuxedo for your pet, there are still several equally adorable ways to include them in your special day. Couples have opted to let their precious pup in engagement pictures, while others chose to have the canine reserve the date and help with the invitations. Lately, we have even seen an increase of pets accompanying the bride down the aisle. As far as we are concerned here at Matthew Christopher, pets are the absolute perfect addition and accessory to any Matthew Christopher gown!!


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