Much like the dress, décor, venue and setting, the music sets the mood for the entire wedding event. Not at all like the ceremonies of the past, couples are choosing tunes that are both classic, nostalgic, and even quirky for their ceremony. You have typical wedding classics like, "At Last," "My Girl," or "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing," that partners use to emphasize their overwhelming feelings for one another.

In more recent years, as traditions and trends evolve ceremonial music has become more personal. The tunes played at the wedding or reception do not only emphasize eternal love, but the humor, and most importantly reflect the jovial spirit of the moment. Weddings are emotional enough, so it is nice to remember that the right songs can help maintain a lighthearted mood throughout the ceremony.

When picking music for your wedding, there is never an issue with observing tradition. However it is wise to include songs that have a special meaning for you and your partner. A personal favorite, "Ain't No Other Man" (Christina Aguilera) offers a lightly humorous, but passionate confession of love that any new bride can relate to. The important thing to remember is to include an element of personality to your wedding theme. These songs are a reflection of how you and your groom/bride feel for one another, so do not be afraid to branch out.

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