Bridesmaid gowns are, by definition, an accessory to the bride. Her stylish and flamboyant posse; whose attire vibrantly stands out, or smoothly blends into the background complimenting the wedding theme. Traditionally these gowns follow one important and well known rule, don't look better than the bride. A notion that has thusly launched the notorious and fictitious idea of unfavorable dresses for bridesmaids. Happily enough, these unflattering styles are a thing of the past. Grouping your girlfriends together in the same dress is no longer a style standard. Its now more acceptable for each bridesmaid to wear the gown with the most ideal fit.

Choosing an appropriate theme and subsequent colors to match aren't as difficult as one may think. Some rely on the classic order of monochromatic selections, while others let contrast create dramatic elegance on the isle.

Some of the best selections are the colors that favor all skin types. Sweet shades of berry or warm metallic tinted earth tones easily compliment just about everyone. Is there anyone who doesn't look good in gold? All in all, these decisions should best reflect the spirit and mood that you want to set for the ceremony. Jovial and calming colors are suited best, but don't let fear keep you from being adventurous.



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