In recent years, couples have taken the creative theme of their wedding ceremony into their own hands by opting for something less traditional and more contemporary. The trend of brightly themed weddings has captivated brides and grooms. Themes have spanned the areas of popular culture from film, fashion and travel to fantasy and literature. Popular themes have included more understated nautical attire, to popular films and TV shows like Harry Potter and The Game of Thrones. While these wildly themed productions are fun and memorable, it’s important to note that trends continuously evolve. What looks good today may not come off as such in the future, so its important to keep your wedding as much in line with your taste as it is to create something that's fun, natural and personal.

The Matthew Christopher team would like to thank all of the couples that have sent amazing, creative and beautiful photos of their wedding day, and for allowing us to be apart of those special moments. Matthew strives to assist each bride in the creation of her gown to bring her that much closer to her dream wedding.


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