Like any bride that's no doubt vibrating with elation upon answering the big question, many ladies find themselves steeped in equal anticipation about answering the next—what dress to choose? There are, of course, the many styles and creative routes to take in deciding which gown is right for you. Selecting a dress can be an emotional and an even stressful task, so it's important to remember to choose something that makes you happy. No doubt, you'll have your closest friends and relatives with you when making your selection. While they're here to offer support, its important to remember your feelings and that you have the ultimate say when making your decision.

Many brides base their dress around a specific theme that reflects their personality and background, while others opt for a gown that's either got a more traditional vibe or is inspired by more popular trends. With a near limitless array of fits and styles to choose from, you'll want to go with a gown that will both compliment your body type and make you feel that best. It also helps to begin doing research before visiting boutiques and showrooms. Getting an idea of what's out there can help you narrow down your options, and may also give you a few new ideas.


Here are our favorite tips from the Matthew Christopher Team while wedding dress shopping:

1.) Be open-minded—try on a suggestion that the consultant has. Trust the consultant. 

2.) Only bring the people whose opinion matters the most and who respect your style. 

3.) Do not shop too much or make too many appointments in one day. You will look great in many of the dresses and over shopping and too many choices brings anxiety.

4.) Do not be afraid to say YES TO THE DRESS!  


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