With all of the chaos that goes into planning a wedding, there are always a few details that manage to slip through the cracks. Whether these involve the aesthetic of styling and decor, or the planning and scheduling of the event itself, there is a list of things that can be done differently. A wedding day is not only meant for the bride, but for the groom as well. To help you plan your big day, we have received some expert advice from Matthew Christopher, himself, on what brides can do and what they can avoid to make their ceremony a smoother and less chaotic event.

1. What is the biggest thing that brides seem to forget in planning their wedding?

The music for the ceremony… make it heartfelt! Spend time listening and choosing something that means a lot to both of you.

2. What can a bride and groom do together to plan for their wedding?

Definitely go to the food tasting together, make it romantic experience! I always think it’s wonderful when the bride knows what her groom likes to see her in, translate that to the wedding gown in small touches! Absolutely choose the venue together, after all it is a celebration bringing two families together.

3. Is there anything that couples should avoid doing while planning their wedding?

Don’t share your vows with each other. Make it special and surprising!

4. Gifts are typically something that slip a bride's mind on the big day, do you have any suggestions on ideal gifts for the wedding party?

Plan a sentimental gift that means something to the group of friends you have chosen for your bridal party. They have spent hours and money helping you get ready for the big day, show them you care.

5. What can couples do to assist the wedding planner to assure that the ceremony goes smoothly?

Relax! Let them do there job, this is your time to enjoy and let it flow!


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