First look photos are a fun, beautiful way to capture that special moment when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. It is an emotional capture that couples cherish for years to come and it has become very popular. These sentimental moments are caught in a variety of ways, from taking sneak peek photos staged in doorways, scheduling a “reveal” photo shoot before the ceremony, to snapping that momentous look walking down the aisle. Capturing the array of emotions that bubble over between couples is both candid and sweetly sincere.    

It’s incredibly moving to see people light up, tear up or giggle once laying eyes on each other. Perhaps it's what we've all been waiting for, simply that classic notion of finding true love and having that “dream come true.” Photographers are doing there best to capture a glimpse of that “it,” and we love it! That’s it, that’s love, we say when looking at the photo. The moment is no doubt different for everyone, but it's an inspiring combination of tradition, values and memories that will last a lifetime.        

To watch a couple step into a new phase of life together is exciting, emotional and what weddings are all about. From one caught stuttering with happy nerves while speaking their vows, holding back tears or a pair briefly meeting to holds hands before they walk down the aisle for a lasting photograph, it’s all beautiful.


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