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Inspired by today's raining day in New York, here are three (3) rainy-day-must-haves for Brides, who recieve a little wedding gift suprise from Mother nature.

1. Clear Plastic Tarp

Keep a large clear plastic tarp on hand to place over items such as your ceremony chairs, ceremony floral arrangements, your aisle runner and just about anything else that might be wet.

2. Gorgeous Fashion/Bridal Coordinating Umbrellas

Purchase umbrellas for your guests, yet think creatively by printing wedding thank you messages on them as guest take-aways. Keep your guests happy and by keeping them dry. 

3. Towels

Also great ...



We are thrilled to bring you the story of Gina & Eric. They met in Denver Colorado playing co-ed Volleyball. Gina had created a “meet-up” group near her business so people could come out and get to know one another! Savvy & fun! It also proved to be a prime place to meet THE ONE! They were engaged after four months and married on their one year anniversary.

Their beautiful ceremony & reception were held at Silver Strand Beach in Coronado California. The bride, being an Interior Designer, had many custom elements; the wedding cake was specifically designed to have each tier be ...


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